Manually setup OEM for instance

Setting up OEM (Oracle Enterprise Manager) manually

To manually setup OEM to an Oracle Database Instance, it is used the EMCA script, which can be found at $ORACLE_HOME/bin (linux) or %ORACLE_HOME%\bin (Windows). Run the script as below:

$ emca -repos create

Fulfill the required information, then run the script as below to configure the OEM for the instance:

$ emca -config dbcontrol db

Fulfill the required information again and if everything goes well, you will see a message like this:

INFO: The Enterprise Manager URL is http://yourhost:1158/em
Enterprise Manager configuration completed successfully
FINISHED EMCA at Mon Jan 17 21:13:44 2011

Now to access the OEM, just open a web browser and type the url provided by EMCA… in my example: http://yourhost:1158/em

*** The first time I did this I received the error message:
SEVERE: ‘job_queue_processes’ must be greater than or equal to 1

To solve this, just add the line job_queue_processes=N where N means a value greater than or equal to 1.


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