Shrink and truncate the log file

If the transaction log of a certain database is using too much disk space on the server, you might want to revisit your transaction log backups and set them to run with a higher frequency. You can always reclaim some space with a few workarounds if you really have to… be careful with these and try to understand what you are doing before simply executing commands.


-- Find the LOG file name
USE Database_Name
SELECT NAME FROM Database_Name.dbo.sysfiles WHERE NAME LIKE ('%LOG%')
-- Shrinks the file to its default size
DBCC SHRINKFILE ('Database_Name_Log')

Check whether the Log file has reduced in Size, if not, check the log for uncommitted transactions.

 -- Check open transactions
DBCC OPENTRAN('Database_Name');

In case there are many transactions open, kill them and try shrinking again. If this still doesn’t works, do the following:

USE Master
-- The shrink below may take a long time depending on the size of your DB

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