Must have free tools for DBAs

This is not news to most DBAs, but I’ll list my favorite free tools anyway. Assuming you are using Windows on your laptop, here is a list of free tools that I really enjoy and personally consider a “must have” tool to administer my databases and servers.

1.) Putty + XMing

Definitely the best combo to work with SSH and X-Forwarding. In my opinion the best way to work with SSH and run dbua, netca, dbca, etc remotely and have the wizard right on your display.

Official sites: and

2.) Pscp, Psftp and Winscp

Every now and then we need to copy files over the network from our pc to the server and the other way around. This is very easy on linux, but on Windows you need pscp or psftp to have the same functionality as native scp and sftp or simply use the Winscp which gives you a GUI that looks like an ftp client.

The syntax is similar to Linux, you need to inform the file username@server:/directory

Example of copying files from your computer to a linux server using SCP
D:\ShellScripts\OracleRAC\em>pscp oracle@server1:/home/oracle/scripts

Example of copying an entire directory with –r (recursive)
D:\ShellScripts\OracleRAC>pscp -r em oracle@server1:/home/oracle/scripts

Official sites: and

3.) Oracle SQL Developer

Of course we need a powerful and yet free tool to help us navigate through database objects and perform a couple of tasks faster than from sql*plus. This tool is usually under estimated but could save a lot of time in particular tasks involving ddl, objects copy and comparison, etc.

Official site:

If you use a good free tool that is not listed, don’t hesitate and share it in the comments.


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