AWS – Disabling Termination Protection for unwanted instances and terminating them.

If you are new to cloud computing, specially with AWS, you will probably see an annoying message while trying to terminate instances you no longer need. The message will look like below “These instances have Termination Protection and will not be terminated”.


Be sure that the instance can be terminated (by that I mean excluded!)

In order to terminate such instance you have to go to EC2 -> Instances, select the desired server and click on “Actions” -> Instance Settings -> Change Termination Protection as demonstrated below.


You should see a prompt similar to the image below, just click on “Yes, Disable”.


Now you can terminate the instance by selecting “Actions” -> Instance State -> Terminate.


Confirm your choice by clicking on “Yes, Terminate”. (Again… be sure you can really remove this server)


That’s it… the server will still show up in the list with the status “Terminated” and will disappear in about 20 minutes. You will no longer be able to start that server.

Hope this helps…



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