ODC Appreciation day! Those cool free stuff #ThanksODC

Reading the blog of Tim Hall at Oracle-Base, I saw this initiative to post something about a few stuff we enjoy while working with Oracle technology on a particular day, which is today, with the hashtag #ThanksODC, previously #ThanksOTN. That’s awesome to just talk about a few things we enjoy and not get into technical posts for a change, so here are some cool and free stuff that we can use and I enjoy a lot, might that be for study or for a production deployment.

Virtualbox CLI – It is not news that I use virtualbox a lot both for study and to work, and I really enjoy what the command line allow me to do. I can script things I do often to reproduce it faster, I can share a lot customized virtual machines with a lot of custom settings and this allows me to keep standards in a very easy way.

RMAN Active duplicate – I am too lazy to keep recreating some standbys for a particular setup I have, this functionality is really a life saver. I just have my scripts ready and whenever the time comes, I just run them and a few minutes later, I’m all set.

Silent Installation – Scripting these repeating steps is awesome, in this changing world we are living where we start to hear about DevOps, automation, continuous delivery and etc, this is a big deal and silent installation and response files really helps on getting things done faster and consistently.

Dataguard Broker – Of course, if you have data guard, why not manage it with broker? It is free if you have dataguard, it keeps your environment consistent and makes your life a lot easier to perform routine operations.




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