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GUOB Techday / LAD OTN Tour 2017

Last Saturday (Aug, 5th) it was held in São Paulo the 8th edition of GUOB Techday. This event is one of the most important event for DBAs and Oracle Professionals, it is part of the Latin America Oracle Technology Network … Continue reading

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Batch Script – Reading parameter file into variables

Hi folks, quick tip on how to easily read a parameter file from a batch script. This is an idea I had to make the life easier when trying to troubleshoot connection issues from client to server and I had … Continue reading

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GUOB Tech Day / LA OTN TOUR 2017

On Aug, 5th we will have the GUOB Tech Day in São Paulo! This is an amazing opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas with great Oracle Professionals from Brazil and around the world. I strongly encourage everyone that can go … Continue reading

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Oracle ASM on FreeNAS 8.3.0 x86

Hey there folks, just writing this very quick tip on how to setup an iSCSI storage for your *crash and burn* environment… In this tutorial I will not care for network settings, security or anything, I will just demonstrate the … Continue reading

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AWS – Securing your cloud with IAM

  Moving to cloud equals to concerns with security, as it should. You are putting your services up on a bunch of remote datacenters which you have no control of whatsoever. So let’s start securing what we can, like our … Continue reading

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AWS – Disabling Termination Protection for unwanted instances and terminating them.

If you are new to cloud computing, specially with AWS, you will probably see an annoying message while trying to terminate instances you no longer need. The message will look like below “These instances have Termination Protection and will not … Continue reading

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Virtualbox: How to setup NAT with DHCP

Hi folks, in this article I will demonstrate how easy it is to setup a NAT (Network Address Translation) on virtualbox. I use this very often to isolate resources from my virtual servers and my physical network while still having access … Continue reading

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